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What is a Downdraft Ventilation System?

02/12/2014 Back To Blog

Updraft and downdraft systems

There are two types of ventilation systems used in homes- updraft and downdraft systems. A downdraft system is a system that gets rid of smoke, some toxins and impurities from the air in a living space by drawing the air down into a ventilation system. . One of the main reasons why homeowners prefer the downdraft system is because it recesses into cooking appliances or countertops and is not easily visible. The invisibility of a downdraft ventilation system enhances an open-kitchen design in a home.Residental Air Duct Cleaning 24/7 Services


In most cases, builders install a downdraft ventilation system in kitchens but some industries also use these systems to get rid of welding fumes. An effective downdraft ventilation system can remove odors, grease and other impurities from a kitchen. Such a system also helps to prevent or reduce the damage that impurities such as grease cause to walls and kitchen cabinets.


Builders use two main styles of downdraft systems depending on homeowners’ needs and preferences- flush mount systems and pop-up systems. The flush mount design of downdraft ventilators is the less efficient of the two systems because it has a fan that can pull the flame from cooking stoves while one is cooking. In comparison, the pop-up type of downdraft ventilation system is highly efficient and is retractable (rises mainly when it is in use).


There are pros and cons of using a downdraft ventilation system. For instance, one of the major disadvantages of these systems is the fact that they are less effective in kitchens where cooks use tall cooking pots. Another drawback of downdraft ventilation systems is the fact that downdraft vents are not very effective in getting rid of odors and smoke unless cooks prepare meals on a stove located very near the downdraft vent. In spite of these drawbacks, downdraft ventilation systems have some advantages over updraft systems. For example, they are quieter and it is possible to install them directly onto cooking appliances thus making it easier to get rid of smoke and odors.


Overall, there are many benefits of installing a kitchen ventilation system. For instance, you can get respiratory diseases caused by some of the by-products of cooking such as nitrous oxides if you do not have an effective ventilation system in your kitchen. Other benefits of installing a good ventilation system in your kitchen include energy savings and ensuring that you have clean smelling air all day long.

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