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If there is a glitch in your heating and cooling systems, check out this FAQ page for help. Learn how to freshen up your environment, how to reduce energy consumption at work and find out more about the best materials used for air duct insulation.

Can I use air fresheners on the ducts?

There's no problem using air fresheners attached along the duct exit points, however, experts at Air Duct Cleaning Westminster usually remind homeowners to be mindful of any unusual odor that may come from the ducts. Air fresheners may conceal odors that serve as early signs of mold growth or vermin infestation, for example. With the overpowering scent of the air freshener, it may not be possible to quickly address mold and vermin problems before they grow into something more serious.

What are the materials needed in insulating air ducts in the attic?

Air ducts in the attic can suffer from condensation problems. To avoid these problems, it is advisable to cover ducts with insulation. To do this, the following supplies will be required: a tape measuring for measuring appropriate dimensions, a foil-faced insulation sheet, aluminum tape, utility knife, staples, and an insulation blower.  You may also need mastic to cover leaks, if there are any detected. The insulation sheet is not an adequate solution for leaking ducts.

How do I reduce energy consumption at work?

Most energy is consumed by HVAC systems when they don't work properly. The problem is usually the damaged air ducts. You should do HVAC maintenance to ensure the good condition of the unit but according to Air Duct Cleaning Westminster energy is lost when there are holes on the surface of ducts. You will need air duct seal repair to ensure all cracks are properly sealed and air is traveling to the proper direction.

Can clean HVAC unit and clean air ducts help me save money?

It’s true that regularly maintained HVAC units and air ducts can help you save on the electricity bills because clean air duct systems mean that they are working efficiently. Reports have shown that people have saved money from their lower power consumption.

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